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Colled – Colled
Colled – Colled

Colled – Colled



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The debut single of “Colled” released on Jun 10, 2019 via “High Hop Records“.
The songs “Perfect Line” and “Feel For Me” off their self titled single, won’t settle within any specific genre, while channelling contemporary sounds.
Three fine musicians, calling on us to join them on their first steps, which if nothing else, are promising. Electro sounds, blues guitars, clean basslines and warm female soul/RnB vocals which finally dominate.Produced by Cayetano.


Released June 10, 2019

Colled are a fresh electro pop trio, from Athens Greece. Blues guitars, soul/RnB vocals, groovy beats surrounded by dark melodies
and lyrics based on personal experiences. It all begun during the spring of 2018, when Petros and Dimitris, after a long time
of discussions, decided they wanted to express their personal concerns through their music. The line up was complete in the
summer of the same year, when Maria joined the band.A few months later, after having composed material, they joined forces with artist
and producer Cayetano.Currently, they are in the process of making their first, full length album.

Maria Papadopoulou – Vocals
Petros Kaloritis – Synthesizer, piano and programming
Dimitris Loizos – Guitars and programming
Nikos Letsios  -Graphic Design
Cayetano  -Sound engineering, mix and production
Mastered by Timewarp Mastering 

2019 © High Hop Records
Published by High Hop Records.


all rights reserved

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